RAR #13: Learning to Read- What to Do With Your Struggling Reader

Reading aloud plays a major role in a child’s life as he or she is learning to read- especially if he or she is struggling to learn to read! In this episode, you’ll hear: how often to read aloud how much to prioritize it and which books are best for st…

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RAR #12: The Reading Promise

Alice Ozma is the author of The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared. If you read nothing else this year, read this book. I mean it. I swallowed it and immediately knew I had to have Alice on the show. The book is moving, funny,

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RAR #11: Using the Library Without Losing Your Mind, Jamie Martin

What keeps you from making the best use of your local library? For me, it’s the likelihood of losing my sanity. 🙂 On this episode of the Read-Aloud Revival, Jamie Martin- editor of Simple Homeschool and blogger at Steady Mom– shares a perspective that…

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