RAR #15 Poetry Read-Alouds for Parents Who Are Intimidated by Poetry

Caroline Starr Rose has written entire books in verse. Now don’t be intimidated. Her book, May B, has been described as part Hatchet, part Little House on the Prairie, and part Out of the Dust. In this episode, you’ll hear: her books, of course!

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RAR #14: For Parents Who Don’t Like Reading Aloud

Do you enjoy reading aloud? I know a whole lot of people who don’t. But just because you don’t enjoy reading aloud doesn’t mean you can’t build your family culture around books. Today on the Read-Aloud Revival podcast,

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RAR #13: Learning to Read- What to Do With Your Struggling Reader

Reading aloud plays a major role in a child’s life as he or she is learning to read- especially if he or she is struggling to learn to read! In this episode, you’ll hear: how often to read aloud how much to prioritize it and which books are best for st…

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