Episode 028 – What is the #1 Paradox When Parenting God’s Way?

Parenting is for adults only because it’s difficult. A sense of self-worth as a parent is often based on a child’s performance or how they turn out, but this is not healthy. This week, Emerson and Jonathan discuss the #1 paradox in parenting and give hope to many parents.   Timestamps 01:15—Emerson discusses what you…

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Episode 027 – The Dynamic Woman

In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan read and discuss a series of recent emails from a wife who is a dynamic leader outside the home. She feels she and her husband may be mismatched and asks if, and how, they should remain together.   Timestamps 00:50—A brief overview of last week’s episode. 03:02—A response letter…

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Episode 026 – A Husband Wakes Up Before It Is Too Late

Some individuals take years to wake up to the fact that their behavior needs to change. In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan discuss one husband’s decision to acknowledge many years of doing things incorrectly, the choice to be different and the patience required to win his spouse back.   Timestamps 01:45—Individually or as a…

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