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Episode 042 – What Bible Verse Gives Hope to Millions? Jeremiah 29:11

Over the centuries, countless Christians have memorized, quoted and clung to Jeremiah 29:11. Emerson and Jonathan discuss how the promises of God always kick in at some level amidst...

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Episode 041 – Three Ways To Murder Your Marriage – Part 2

In Part 2 of this 2-part series, Emerson and Jonathan continue their discussion about the motive, means, and opportunities people use to justify killing their marriage, while forgetting the...

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The Goal of Marriage

Fight The Good Fight (The Porch)

Episode 040 – Three Ways To Murder Your Marriage Part 1

In Part 1 of this 2-part podcast series, Emerson and Jonathan begin discussing why some people leave their marriage. With motive, means and opportunity, there are many ways to...

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Episode 039 – Tuesday Night is Coming Part 2 – A Good Woman’s View of Sex

As a sequel to a very popular podcast, “Tuesday Night Is Coming,” Emerson and Jonathan discuss a powerful and insightful email from a woman who details the way many...

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Episode 038 – Is Your Wife Really Finished With Your Marriage? Look Again!

In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan review and discuss a recent email exchange that Emerson had with a deployed soldier who believed his wife was going to divorce...

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Episode 037 – Is There An Upside to Erupting in Anger?

How angry can we get and for what reasons? In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan discuss the consequences of anger within relationships, both inside and outside of the home. Anger...

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Episode 036 – 4 Prayers That Will Impact Your Marriage

Can prayer impact your relationship?  Emerson and Jonathan look at four areas where an individual or couple can invite God in. The Presence, Peace, Power, and Purpose of God...

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Episode 035 – Who Do You Feel Is Responsible For the Success of Your Marriage?

Emerson and Jonathan discuss responsibility inside of marriage, including the notion that some of us hold others responsible for our happiness and ultimately the success or failure of our...

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Episode 034 – Male and Female Communication

Emerson and Jonathan respond to an inquiry and talk about why the key to a successful marriage is, in fact, not communication. Timestamps 02:00—Take three: Emerson reviews last week’s...

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Episode 033 – Tuesday Night is Coming, So Who Decides About Sexual Intimacy?

“But if you should marry…such will have trouble in this life…” (1 Corinthians 7:28). Scripture teaches there will be trouble in marriage. Get ready for it! In this week’s episode,...

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Episode 032 – The Impact of Seeking A Child’s Forgiveness

Following a blog post written by Sarah Eggerichs on the topic of parenting, Emerson and Jonathan discuss forgiveness in the context of the parental relationship and what impact it...

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Episode 031 – Six “Thank You” Statements to Say to Your Spouse

In the book, Love & Respect, “love” is spelled to a wife using the acronym C.O.U.P.L.E. and “respect” to a husband using the acronym C.H.A.I.R.S. This week Emerson and...

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Episode 030 – How Do You Seek to Empathically Understand Your Kids?

In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan discuss ways of seeking to empathically understand your child without compromising your calling as a parent. They will take a glimpse at...

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Episode 029 – What is the Difference Between Healthy Self-Love and Carnal Self-Love?

In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan discuss the love of self from a societal and biblical perspective. There are unhealthy and healthy ways to experience self-love, and how...

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Episode 028 – What is the #1 Paradox When Parenting God’s Way?

Parenting is for adults only because it’s difficult. A sense of self-worth as a parent is often based on a child’s performance or how they turn out, but this...

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Episode 027 – The Dynamic Woman

In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan read and discuss a series of recent emails from a wife who is a dynamic leader outside the home. She feels she and...

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Episode 026 – A Husband Wakes Up Before It Is Too Late

Some individuals take years to wake up to the fact that their behavior needs to change. In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan discuss one husband’s decision to acknowledge...

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