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#79 How to retell the Jesus story to a world that’s forgotten it

NT Wright’s opening address at Unbeilevable? the Conference 2021
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#78 New Testament historicty and beyond

Do the earliest Gospels lack a divine Jesus? Who authored 2 Peter? What do we know about what happened to the Apostles after the close of scripture? Tom answers questions on the historicity of the Gospels.
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#77 Gifts of the Spirit: How much should we value prophecy and tongues?

What does it mean to be filled with the Spirit? Are tongues genuine? Tom answer question on spiritual gifts and offers advice to a group of friends experiencing unexpected prophecy and healing.
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#76 Will my daughter see the child she lost? Qs about heaven and loved ones

What does Jesus mean by ‘many rooms in my father’s house’? Will my daughter see the child she lost in pregnancy? What about marriage in the resurrection? Tom answers questions on heaven and loved ones.
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#75 Qs about Jesus

Would Jesus have used miracles to make life easier for himself? Are some of Jesus’ word too harsh? Could Jesus have sinned? Tom answers questions about Jesus by listeners.
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#74 Confused by parables

What’s with the persistent neighbour? What lesson should we take from the shrewd manager? Is the story of Lazarus and the rich man a lesson about hell? NT Wright answers these and other listener questions on the parables of Jesus
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#73 Vocation and calling

Does our vocation and calling on earth make a difference if God is going to put everything right in the end? Does my past disqualify me from a call to priesthood?
These and more questions are answered by Tom Wright.

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#72 Christianity in Africa – NT Wright meets Ugandan church leader Richmond Wandera

Justin Brierley hosts a dialogue between NT Wright and Ugandan church leader Richmond Wandera on the challenges and opportunities facing the church in Africa.
Richmond was able to escape poverty as a child because of Compassion International.
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#71 Should the story of the woman caught in adultery be in our Bible?

NT Wright answers listener questions on the New Testament, including a question about the reliability of John 8:1-11, Jesus on prayer and petition, and whether Paul made a mistake about the promise to Abraham in Romans 4.

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