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#70 Wisdom literature – Proverbs, Song of Solomon and Job

Tom Wright answers listener questions on Proverbs, Song of Solomon, the concept of ‘Wisdom’ in the Bible and whether we should take the book of Job literally? 
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#69 Live show Pt 2 – How do we get people reading the Bible again?

The second part of the live audience show with NT Wright and Tom Holland recorded at Unbelievable? 2021. 
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#68 Live audience show with Tom Wright and Tom Holland Pt 1

Justin hosts NT Wright and Tom Holland for a live audience edition of the Ask NT Wright Anything show at Unbelievable? 2021.  

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#67 NT Wright & Douglas Murray pt 2 – Audience Q&A

A continuation of last week’s show featuring audience questions to NT Wright & Douglas Murray during their Big Conversation on ‘how do we live in a post-Christian world?’ 

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#66 A conversation with Douglas Murray on identity, myth and miracles

A special edition of the show in which Tom Wright sits down with noted cultural critic Douglas Murray to discuss Douglas’ own journey in and out of faith, the church and culture, and whether Christianity can makes sense of a post-Christian world. Origin…

#65 Acts Q&A Pt 2 – Tongues, doctrine and evangelism

Should we use Acts for doctrinal guidance? Is speaking in tongues the mark of a mature Christian? Is there a difference between the Paul of Acts and the letters? How should Acts inspire us to live today? Tom responds to more questions from participants …

#64 Questions on the Acts of the Apostles

Is church life in Acts prescriptive for us today? What guidance does Acts give about baptism? How should we understand the signs and wonders in Acts? Tom responds to these and more questions from participants on the NT Wright Online video course on The …

#63 Facebook Qs Pt. 2: Bereavement, other faiths & atonement

Tom answers more questions on atonement, other religions and caring for those who have lost loved ones, sent in by members of the NT Wright discussion group.

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#62 Facebook has questions – New creation, souls in heaven and Torah

In a special episode Tom answers questions sent in by members of the NT Wright discussion group on Facebook about heaven, souls and Torah.
Tom and Justin also look ahead to 2 special events: Tom’s forthcoming Big Conversation with Douglas Murray on 13t…