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Every one of us has a stage. But so often, the problem we face is feeling like we have to choose between work and home. In other words, it’s our loved ones who get what’s leftover—either from a long day at the office, or being home with the kids. Yet, the more connected you are to your family, the more influence—and fun—you have on your respective stage.

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266. Cultivating Purpose in Your Kids

Welcome to a brand new season of the Famous at Home podcast! Josh and Christi are back in full swing and officially making their YouTube debut for this upcoming podcast season. Do you watch podcasts on YouTube? Be sure to subscribe to their channel.

265. Helping Kids Understand the Stories of God with Amy Parker and Mike Nawrocki

If you have kids and you’ve tried reading the Bible to them, you might know where this is going. Getting our kids to not just read the Bible, but to actually enjoy God’s story and message is not easy. Trying to instill the message of a Bible story in t…

264. Catching Your Breath in Chaotic Times with Kirsten Watson

With kids and full schedules, it’s all too easy to feel like you’re drowning, even on your best days as a parent. Managing family, work, rest, and community is overwhelming, especially if there’s no weekly rhythm in place.

263. Cultivating an Intentional Lifestyle with Ashley and Dino Petrone

We live in a culture that will design your life for you if you don’t choose the way you’re going to live. But many of us don’t even know where to begin. Fortunately, that’s where Ashley and Dino Petrone, interior designers, authors, and bloggers,

262. Minimalism and Your Family with Joshua Becker

This episode has not only inspired our family, but it’s put us into action more than we could have ever imagined! We are simplifying our lives and it feels so good. We feel more settled, free, and focused. But why is it that it took donating and gettin…

FAH #16: Your Family Mission

Having a mission is what guides us. Without mission, we wander. In the finale episode of our journey through the Famous at Home book, we discuss chapter 16: The Power of Showing Up: Your Family Mission. In this episode,

FAH #15: Set Family Values

We all live by a set of values. And how we spend our time exposes those values. The question we all must ask ourselves as we lead our families is this: Do our lives reflect what we say we value or want to value? In this episode,

FAH #14: Establish Family Rhythms

We all live by rhythms. Some healthy. Some unhealthy. For most of us, we live day-by-day without even thinking about whether our rhythms are life-giving for our family. Setting new rhythms certainly takes some effort.

FAH #13: How 20 Minutes a Day Can Fuel Your Child’s Soul

One of the best gifts we can give our kids is entering into our their world. One of the easiest, most practical ways of doing this is uninterrupted, command free time. In this episode, Josh and Christi walk us through Decision #5: How 20 Minutes a day …