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A Christian Radio Ministry to men, to help them find faith in Christ, and also to find fellowship, camaraderie, openness, honesty, and support around other men.

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57. Brian Andrew on when sex dries up

In this episode, the team discuss with Brian ways to keep intimacy alive after your kids. We advise no small kids when listening to this podcast.

56. Brian Andrew on flame flickers

In this episode, the team discuss with Brian on ‘flame flickers’ – how to keep your relationship alive after kids and family?

55. Jonathan Doyle on character is king

‘Character is King’, what we do when no one is watching.

54. Jonathan Doyle on confrontation or avoidance

In this episode, we discuss with Jonathan on ‘Confrontation or Avoidance’. We all face problems in life. The issue is whether our dominant strategy is confrontation or avoidance.

53. Alex Sipala on terror barrier

In this episode of Momentum, Alex talks about the ‘terror barrier’ – which is the feeling of fear and anxiety we experience when we are about to push past...

52. Alex Sipala on Christian coaching

In this episode of Momentum, the team discuss with Alex the benefits of having life coaching and being coached.

51. Tim and Des on men and church

In this episode, Tim and Des talk together about men and church – why men generally don’t like going to church, what is it about church that makes men...

50. Greg Bondar on pornography

In this episode of Momentum with Greg Bondar, we delve into the subject of pornography, what causes it, and how we can escape from it.

49. Greg Bondar on family roles

In this we talk with Greg Bondar about the roles of husband and wife in a family unit, and what the differences are.