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[LEADERSHIP CASE STUDIES] How to Change a Deeply Ingrained Culture 

In today’s episode, Pete approaches complex deeply ingrained culture issues by sharing real leadership case studies. He address specific problems and obstacles submitted by 7 church leaders around the world. One by one, he offers practical wisdom for…

New Beginnings in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Pete’s hope today is that you would be encouraged to know that God is not finished with you yet. The Holy Spirit is ready to bring you into new beginnings!

How do We Flourish as Leaders Under Unrelenting Pressure?

To be leaders who flourish in the future to come, we must step into several important practices and paradigm shifts. In today’s podcast, I explore 3 critical shifts that must take place in order for us to not buckle under the weight of unrelenting…

A Roadmap for Transformational Supervision Pt. 2

Join Pete today as he discusses several case studies that will help you move from theory to reality.

A Roadmap for Transformational Supervision Pt. 1

In today’s podcast, Pete shares with you a roadmap, that if applied, will help your entire organization not only operate efficiently but lead to Christ-likeness in every person.

Preparing for the End of the World

In today’s episode, Pete will explore these words from Mark 13. Wherever you are today, we pray Jesus breathes into your lungs new perspective, peace, and purpose for your life and future!

The Upside Down Gift of Stones in Your Life

Like Jesus, most of the stones in our lives can transform us if we are willing to change the way we see. Listen to today’s podcast to learn more.

Ignite a Church Culture Revolution

In today’s episode, Pete casts a 6-part vision for a church culture that will accelerate your ability to make deeply changed disciples of Jesus.

Lead out of Weakness and Vulnerability | Pt. 8 [Book Launch Podcast Series]

In today’s episode, Pete covers the next mark of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship. Listen along to learn how to actually lead out of weakness and vulnerability.