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Episode 027 – The Dynamic Woman

Episode 027 - The Dynamic Woman

In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan read and discuss a series of recent emails from a wife who is a dynamic leader outside the home. She feels she and her husband may be mismatched and asks if, and how, they should remain together.  


00:50—A brief overview of last week’s episode.

03:02—A response letter from a listener: “There’s only [so much] a person can take and I thought I had hit my limit, but…”

07:01—A letter from a listener and today’s topic: “I used to think that respect had to be earned.”

10:26—Like a donkey and an ox working in the same field.

12:20—What’s the real issue here?

13:25—Co-laboring with Christ and your spouse despite the differences.

17:00—The plight of today’s dynamic woman in the workplace and in the home.

19:46—The story of Aquila and Priscilla in modern-day society.

22:00—Guard against looking for a “more perfect match.”

23:00—The problem of fixating on what he’s not.

25:00—An exercise that can help a wife fall in love with her husband all over again.

28:11—The one thing your husband will not throw away if he knows it’s genuine.

30:42—“With all my respect, from the one who still admires you.”

31:19—Emerson gives the Relationship Challenge for this week.

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