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The 5 Hardest Lessons I’ve Learned Since Graduating Seminary

It has been almost 40 years since I graduated from seminary.  I had no idea there would also be a few HARD lessons waiting for me. Each of them would completely transform my life and ministry. In today's podcast, I share just 5...

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Showing God’s Love to Women With Unplanned Pregnancies

Amy Ford shares her testimony of having an unplanned pregnancy and feeling shunned by her church. She explains how that experience motivated her to become an advocate for women with unplanned pregnancies, and shares stories of women she’s helped through her ministry, “Embrace Grace”....

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CNLP 496 | Susan Cain on C.S. Lewis, What’s Wrong with Extroverts and Toxic Positivity, and the Value Melancholy Can Add to Your Life and Leadership

New York Times bestselling author and record-setting TED talk speaker, Susan Cain, talks about her love of C.S. Lewis, a longing for home everyone feels, what's wrong with a world set up to reward extroverts, and the beauty of melancholy and how it...

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#55 Ask Alister McGrath Anything Part 2

Alister McGrath continues to respond to listener questions about science, faith and doubt (and CS Lewis!) in the second part of a show first recorded as a livestream listener Q&A edition of Unbelievable? in 2020, hosted by Justin and Lucy Brierley and ...

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Arguing About Predestination

In this sermon, we will look at the doctrine of predestination, or election — the idea that we would never seek for or choose God unless first God sought for and chose us. In this passage, Jesus says that “No one can come to...

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Setting Your Teen Free to Soar

Carol Kuykendall and her daughter-in-law Alexandra, describe some of those feelings—anticipation, excitement, turmoil, grief—and how you can work through those. With personal stories and some practical tips, they look at the homestretch to prepare your child—and yourself—for their launch. Receive the book “Give Them...

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EP 191 The Power of Your Testimony

When was the last time you told someone about the incredible things God has done in your life? When we share our story through the lens of God’s work in our lives, our experience becomes a testimony to who He is. And every single...

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56. Brian Andrew on flame flickers

In this episode, the team discuss with Brian on ‘flame flickers’ – how to keep your relationship alive after kids and family?

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