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Investigating the Eyewitness Accounts of Jesus Christ (Part 1 of 2)

Through his own faith journey and the context of his police-work analogies, J. Warner Wallace will provide a compelling evangelistic message that will challenge nonbelievers and inspire Christians to be bolder in their faith. (Part 1 of 2)   Receive the book “Cold-Case Christianity”...

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What to Do When your Child Doesn’t Finish Books…and Other Questions You’re Asking

Today, I’m answering listeners’ questions about their kids’ reading habits, from bouncing from book to book to getting stuck in a genre rut, and more.

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Loving the House of Mourning | Francis Chan

When you read scripture, it doesn’t take long to come across ideas that seem to contradict our natural logic - - things like God’s power being perfected in our weakness or the least will be the greatest in the kingdom of God. In today’s...

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Sent to Show Christ’s Glory

According to the Bible, there’s nothing more eminent than the glory of God. But that term is so remote to us now. Most Christians have heard of doing things for the glory of God, but what does that mean?  Do you want to have meaning...

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Overcoming the Betrayal of an Affair

The Bulmans’ marriage almost shattered when Rick discovered his wife Tiffany, was having an affair. The day after the revelation, Rick remembered a conversation from their premarital counseling where the minister said if adultery necessitates divorce, then God is not big enough to fix...

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Finding Your Rally Cry as a Family

Every family has something that brings them alive. Whether it’s an activity, adventure, or destination–it brings the family together and it’s life-giving. What is it for your family? In this episode, Josh and Christi talk about how to find purpose and foster deep relationships...

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Making Parenting Fun (Part 2 of 2)

Pastor Doug Fields shares humorous stories about his own parenting journey, and offers nuts-and-bolts ideas on how to raise children who display confidence, good moral character and convictions, compassion, and competence. (Part 2 of 2) Receive Doug and Cathy Fields’ book “Intentional Parenting” and...

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Ep. 95: Healthy Eating

It can be a big challenge coming up with healthy meals for your family day after day. But we all want our families to be as healthy as they can, right? Food has a huge impact on maintaining our health and gives us the...

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