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Relationship Q&A with Francis and Lisa Chan – Part 1

If you had the opportunity to ask Francis and Lisa Chan a question about relationships, what would it be? In this week’s episode we begin a two part message with Francis and Lisa as they answer a few unscripted questions from some of the...

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Sabbaticals Pt. 2: How to Plan for a Transformational Sabbatical

In today's podcast, Pete explores the nuts and bolts and best practices of planning for a sabbatical. It takes advance planning, prayer, and thoughtfulness in order to do well.

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What Kind of Fool Are You?

In the book of Matthew, the account of the birth of Jesus tells us the “wise men” came to worship him. Who were the wise men? The wise men were the culturati, the cultural experts and the leading thinkers of their society. So why...

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Grace and Glory

Psalm 113 points us back to the song of Hannah in 1 Samuel 1 and 2, and it looks forward to the song of Mary in Luke 1, where Mary sings because she has been told she’s going to give birth to Jesus. So...

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#94 Forgiveness – Is there an unforgivable sin? Can I forfeit God‘s forgiveness?

Why don't we get a second chance at forgiveness when we die? Is God's forgiveness dependent on us forgiving others? Is blaspheming the Holy Spirit unforgivable? · Support the show – give from the USA or Rest of the world (and get the show e-book)·...

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Describing God | Francis Chan

When you think of God, what comes to mind? Does it align with how the Bible describes God? AW Tozer said, “The most important thing about you is what you think about when you think about GOD” In this week’s episode, Pastor Francis Chan encourages us...

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Your Plans: God’s Plans

Today’s message is part of a series on the subject of wisdom in the book of Proverbs. We’ve said that wisdom is basically the ability to make right choices. You make or break your life on the basis of your choices and we need...

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Sabbaticals Pt. 1: What They are and Why Every Leader Needs One

In this week's podcast, Pete explores the biblical definition of a sabbatical and makes a case for why all leaders should, at the right time, take one.

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As followers of Jesus we are always looking for content, inspiration and ideas to help us THRIVE is day to to life.  THRIVECAST provides biblical and balance podcasts, articles & webinars to help Christians to have a thriving faith.

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