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The First Miracle

Our passage today is on the first miracle the apostles perform after the resurrection of Jesus, which is at the very beginning of the Christian church. If you want to learn about the topic of suffering, you go to the book of Job or...

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Praying Scripture Over Your Child’s Life (Part 1 of 2)

Jodie Berndt, best-selling author of the “Praying the Scriptures” book series, offers parents guidance for how they can more frequently and effectively pray for their children’s faith, wisdom, self-discipline, character, life purpose, and more. (Part 1 of 2) Get Jodie’s book “Praying the Scriptures for...

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Embrace God’s Gift of Limits | Pt. 4 [Book Launch Podcast Series]

John the Baptist, Paul, and Jesus all submitted to the limitations given to them by God.  In today's episode, Pete explores this 3rd mark of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, and invites you to embrace the God-given limits in your life.

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Fighting for Joy as a Special Needs Parent

Describing how his world was turned upside down when his son was diagnosed with severe autism, Jason Hague talks about living with a broken heart and seemingly unanswered prayer, and shares lessons he’s learned about the challenges and joys of parenting a special needs...

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The First Church

Our passage from Acts 2 is about the birth of the Christian church. We’re going to look at how the birth of the church is intimately related to the birth of Christ: Christmas. In many ways, what happened at Christmas explains what happens in...

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Loving Your Spouse in the Midst of Parenthood

Patrick Schwenk and his wife, Ruth, offer help for maintaining a thriving marriage amidst the demands of parenthood in a discussion based on their book “For Better or For Kids: A Vow to Love Your Spouse With Kids in the House.” (Previous air date:...

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Ditching the Cranky Monster Mom

In a lighthearted but insightful conversation based on her book “The Cranky Mom Fix,” Becky Kopitzke describes how frustrated moms can identify what triggers their anger, embrace forgiveness and grace, and offer kinder, gentler responses to their children for a more peaceful home. Get...

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The First Sermon

Our passage is the first Christian sermon given by Peter on the day of Pentecost. It’s important that we consider the entire sermon for the context, but we’re going to focus our time on the last four verses (36–39) and what it means to...

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