RAR #211: How We Made A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden

Last time on the Read-Aloud Revival, I told you about the inspiration for the creation of Waxwing Books and our first book, A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden.

In this episode, I’ll take you on the rest of the adventure, from connecting with illustrator Breezy Brookshire to bringing on editor Michael Green, and finding art director Cara Llewellyn.

I’ll tell you all about the process of getting the book illustrated, edited, and finally, almost on its way to you.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How Breezy honed her craft and found her voice as a self-taught illustrator
  • Why Michael’s experience and approach to editing made him my dream editor
  • How Cara’s work as the art director shaped the book you’ll have in your hands
  • The elements we added to make the book feel even more special

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Pre-orders Available Now!

Pre-orders have officially launched 🥳 and you can guarantee your copy in the first print run of A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden on Kickstarter.

Do it by September 1st, and you’ll get some Kickstarter exclusive bonuses, including a beautiful new book bag, prints by the illustrator, and more.

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