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#90 Alister McGrath: The making of an Oxford don

In the fourth episode of our series focussing on McGrath’s book CS Lewis: A Life, we dive into Lewis' first few years at Oxford and explore the nature of his complicated romantic relationship with Mrs Moore. Plus, don't forget to register to win a ...

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God at Work

At first glance, Psalm 111 seems to be a generic recitation of the great things God has done for his people. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you read consecutively, Psalm 111 and 112 look a lot alike—and there are...

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Making Parenting Fun (Part 1 of 2)

Pastor Doug Fields shares humorous stories about his own parenting journey, and offers nuts-and-bolts ideas on how to raise children who display confidence, good moral character and convictions, compassion, and competence. (Part 1 of 2) Receive Doug and Cathy Fields’ book “Intentional Parenting” and...

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God of the Nations

Psalm 96 is an astonishingly happy psalm. It depicts joy and rejoicing for the whole human race, and not just for everyone, but for everything—even the trees, the fields, the mountains, the earth, and the seas are filled with joy and rejoicing.  But ...

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Investing in Your Child for the Teen Years

A panel of parents join with Jim Daly and John Fuller to discuss preparing their children for the teen years and adulthood, providing a biblical perspective on sexuality, peer relationships and technology. Receive the “Launch Into the Teen Years Kit” for your minimum donation...

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#154 Tom answers Qs on universalism, hell and salvation

In an extended edition of the show originally broadcast on the Unbelievable? podcast, Justin asks a variety of listener questions on dispensationalism, John’s gospel, inerrancy, salvation, hell, universalism and Tom’s favourite books, music and muc...

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The Heart of a Warrior

War veteran Chad Robichaux uses a story of nearly being captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan to make an important point: when we are at a critical juncture in our life, we need to recognize that fact and then make a move. He calls...

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Bonus: Spring Preview – What We’re Reading Next

Find out what we're reading next, and get the skinny on why we've chosen the books we did.

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