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Why Jesus Draws You to the End of Yourself

If you've come to the end of yourself, you're not alone. On today's podcast, Pete shares with you a message that he believes is timely and encouraging.

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Hope for Every Marriage (Part 1 of 2)

Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs describe their marriage journey of infidelity, divorce and restoration, and encourage other couples not to give up on redeeming their relationship. (Part 1 of 2) Get the Scruggs’ book “I Do Again” for your donation of any amount: Get...

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Finding Freedom in Humility

Radio host and author Brant Hansen discusses our continuous need for self-reflection and the pursuit of humility, which has become all the more necessary as we live out our days in a culture of self righteousness. Get Brant’s book “The Truth About Us” for...

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The Dream of the Kingdom

We’re going to consider the question, “What does it mean to live the Christian life? How can we live it out?” The book of Daniel is a helpful place to go because it’s exilic literature, meaning it tells the stories of the Israelites when...

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The Zeal of Jesus

The sermon for today comes from Luke 4, and it is the last sermon in a broader series on the fruit of the Spirit and character change. The recurring question has been, “How can our hearts be changed?” Simply put, our hearts don’t change...

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Improve Yourself, Improve Your Relationships

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott explain how you can improve your marriage by becoming emotionally healthy, and examine three key aspects of good emotional health. Get the Parrotts’ book “Healthy Me, Healthy Us” for your donation of any amount: Get more episode resources:...

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#83 How do I feel God‘s presence?

Why don't I feel the presence of God? Should I have had a road-to-Damascus conversion like Paul? What should I do about my feelings of shame? Support the show – give from the USA or Rest of the world (and get the show e-book)·  ...

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Grabbing Hold of God

Kim Meeder shares her powerful testimony of how God used the steady love of horses to help her heal from the murder-suicide of her parents, and how she and her husband started a ranch to help troubled youth by pairing them with abused horses...

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As followers of Jesus we are always looking for content, inspiration and ideas to help us THRIVE is day to to life.  THRIVECAST provides biblical and balance podcasts, articles & webinars to help Christians to have a thriving faith.

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