5 Marks of a Godly, Highly-Differentiated Leader Pt. 2

Great leadership is about knowing who you are and who you are not. In part one of this podcast series, I shared the first 5 marks of a highly-differentiated leader.On today’s podcast, I continue by sharing 5 more attributes that deserve careful consideration. Why? Because the cost of lowly-differentiated leadership is enormous:

  • We diminish the long-term impact of our ministries.
  • We allow the wrong people exercise power and leadership. 
  • We perpetuate immaturity. 
  • We grow resentful and live in dis-ease. 
  • We waste the time, energy, and money of God’s people.
  • We increase anxiety in everyone around us.
  • We, and our community, become less playful (and more “intense/heavy.”)

The good news is that godly, highly-differentiated leadership is the pathway to freedom, a lighter yoke, less worry, better relationships, clearer goals, and more joy!