A Radical Approach to Planning for the New Year

Does the end of the year feel like a complete whirlwind? For most pastors and leaders Christmas activities dominate the month of December and then we only get a week’s break before launching into a new year! In January, pastors face the difficult task of vision-casting, goal-setting, and steering the direction of the church for the next 12 months. Too often, our planning is driven by:

  • Expectations from others (i.e. board, supervisors, people we serve)
  • Internal pressure to be a great leader or to create momentum.
  • The “shoulds” of everything that feels important. (i.e. “We should be doing more of this…”)

All of these things can feel like a tremendous weight, under which many pastors buckle over time. But planning doesn’t have to feel this way. In today’s episode, I want to show you a radical new approach to planning. I’ll show you how I plan for the season ahead in a way that produces joy, not anxiety.