Conversations: Episode 20 I Your Mid-Life Transition – Why Its Important And How To Do It Well – With Glenn Williams

In our latest epiosde of Counsel Culture Conversations, Nicholas speaks with special guest Glenn Williams. Glenn is a leader of leaders, organisational psychologist and former CEO of Focus on the Family Australia and International. For over 10 years Glenn has also served as a leader of the Halftime ministry and is passionate about helping people transition well in the mid-life season.

Understanding the importance of transitions and in particular in mid-life, is of great importance and benefit to us. As we approach and move into mid-life we have usaully grown through intentionality and lifes experiences to know ourselves better, we know who we are. We notice our priorities start to change and what is now important (or no longer important) to us. We often reflect back on the past years and think about the future as we move into the 'second half'. One we want to be of significance.

We soon learn transitions are messy and there are not many guides or sign posts along the way which can tempt us to give up or get stuck in the 'messy middle'.

We hope this conversation is a signpost and that it can point you toward some wise guides, or atleast to ask some powerful questions that serve to raise awareness of the elements of the process that are important. 

May your second half be blessed.