Ep. 94: Body Image

As women, we live in a world of confusion and comparison over our bodies. Even our womanhood is under “attack.” Raising girls in this next generation with healthy body image is even more challenging in a day when social media heavily influences what we see, think and choose to do or not to do with our minds and our bodies because a healthy body image begins in the mind!

A lot of times, women in our circles speak of childbirth or motherhood as an attack on their body image, but we have been doing some deep thinking on this and if we are being completely honest, any struggles we had with our bodies began long before we had any children!

Listen in this episode as we discuss our own struggles with body image, and share some of the ways we’ve found to make peace with how God has fearfully and wonderfully created us! You can join the conversation over on Instagram at @momtomompodcast!