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Episode 026 – A Husband Wakes Up Before It Is Too Late

Episode 026 - A Husband Wakes Up Before It Is Too Late

Some individuals take years to wake up to the fact that their behavior needs to change. In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan discuss one husband’s decision to acknowledge many years of doing things incorrectly, the choice to be different and the patience required to win his spouse back.  


01:45—Individually or as a group, all the podcasts are HERE for your listening pleasure.

02:46—Emerson reviews last week’s podcast and the Relationship Challenge.

06:11—A positive letter from a single woman: “Growing up, I never knew this.”

08:55—A challenge for the older generation of men and women.

13:42—A letter from a husband: “It seems our marriage was based on lust and not love, but I don’t think it was a mistake.”

15:56—Emerson addresses the issue of divorce.

19:12—What does age have to do with it? (Hint: it’s less than you might think.)

21:23—A husband opens up about his problem with pornography and Emerson responds.

24:15—“My wife put on a happy face…but she recently told me she wanted out.”

26:55—The number one thing that’s driving her insecurity.

27:24—“Do I have the right to approach her about her behavior?”

28:48—The language that she is going to identify with.

30:21—“I’m loving my wife regardless of how she treats me.”

33:18—Final thoughts from Emerson.

36:06—How much time is it going to take to rebuild trust?

38:05—Jonathan gives some resources to dive deeper into the concept of C.O.U.P.L.E.

39:43—The Relationship Challenge for this week.

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