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Episode 028 – What is the #1 Paradox When Parenting God’s Way?

What is the #1 Paradox When Parenting God’s Way?

Parenting is for adults only because it’s difficult. A sense of self-worth as a parent is often based on a child’s performance or how they turn out, but this is not healthy. This week, Emerson and Jonathan discuss the #1 paradox in parenting and give hope to many parents.  


01:15—Emerson discusses what you will—and will not—hear at any of the four Love & Respect Live Conferences coming in February.

05:20—A brief recap last week’s episode, because everyone needs a review now and again.

09:40—Why did Emerson wait until now to write and speak about parenting?

11:50—The key to parenting has nothing to do with the kids.

13:07—The story of the father of the prodigal son should ultimately give you hope.

16:24—This is not a sanction for bad parenting.

18:06—What unconditional love looks like when it comes to parenting, especially with a difficult child.

19:49—The thing that will cause a parent to feel defeated and give up.

22:57—Don’t be fooled by this common cultural conclusion.

24:46—Love & Respect in the Family unpacks this even more.

25:38—God is going to be loving whether we are loving or not.

27:00—Jonathan speaks to the parents who are really struggling.

28:32—Assuming you know a child’s future based on their behavior today.

30:52—What’s the good news in all this?

33:00—The best way to impact the spirit of your child.

34:18—How is this message impacting parents?

36:44—Jonathan clarifies the Relationship Challenge for this week.

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