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Episode 030 – How Do You Seek to Empathically Understand Your Kids?

Episode 030 - How Do You Seek to Empathically Understand Your Kids?

In this week’s episode, Emerson and Jonathan discuss ways of seeking to empathically understand your child without compromising your calling as a parent. They will take a glimpse at the parenting style of Mary and Joseph and share six principles of understanding as described in the book Love & Respect in the Family.


01:08—Brief review of last week’s episode on healthy vs. carnal self-love.

05:50—Letter from a listener: “I came back to my family…we aren’t out of the hole, yet, but the light is getting brighter.”

11:12—What we know, and what we don’t know, about Mary and Joseph.

14:24—Losing—or losing it with—your children.

18:24—The first step to seeking to understand your child is by asking questions.

21:50—Children will do what you do.

22:56—Seek to understand by giving voice to anxiety instead of exploding in anger.

26:52—Good cop, bad cop.

29:36—Allow for and listen to your child’s explanation.

31:54—Showing a willingness to understand does not mean you stop parenting.

33:54—Don’t expect to nail this concept overnight—it’s a process. Learn more and be encouraged in Emerson’s latest book, Love & Respect in the Family.

35:26—The Relationship Challenge this week…for parents.

36:11—Have a question or story? Email us at!

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