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Episode 032 – The Impact of Seeking A Child’s Forgiveness

Episode 032 - The Impact of Seeking A Child’s Forgiveness

Following a blog post written by Sarah Eggerichs on the topic of parenting, Emerson and Jonathan discuss forgiveness in the context of the parental relationship and what impact it has on children. 


01:15—Emerson goes back to last week’s episode and gives a brief overview.

05:13—The blog post that inspired the topic in today’s episode.

09:07—Why is it so hard to seek forgiveness, especially with our kids?

10:20—The many levels of forgiveness.

12:25—Sarah Eggerichs shares her story of forgiveness with her mother.

14:11—Children are little people with real feelings.

18:24—The legacy of saying “I was wrong.”

20:01—There’s more than one aspect to seeking forgiveness.

23:20—Sarah gives language to the process.

24:34—Forgiveness doesn’t absolve wrongdoing.

26:00—An important note about parental authority.

29:23—What legacy are you leaving for your kids and grandkids?

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