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Episode 035 – Who Do You Feel Is Responsible For the Success of Your Marriage?

Episode 035 - Who Do You Feel Is Responsible For the Success of Your Marriage?

Emerson and Jonathan discuss responsibility inside of marriage, including the notion that some of us hold others responsible for our happiness and ultimately the success or failure of our marriage. 


01:08—Emerson tries to review last week’s episode in under two minutes.

04:59—The downside to making someone else responsible for the success of YOUR marriage.

06:45—“This is our last resort.”

07:50—Your counselor can’t save your marriage.

12:05—Every human being has a propensity to be biased in his/her own favor.

16:50—Jonathan talks about the problem of blaming your spouse for your troubled marriage.

18:10—Who you are vs. what you do.

20:13—If only they would change…

21:17—When a couple goes to a counselor with guns a-blazin.’

23:09—Moving toward what we need to hear, instead of what we want to hear.

24:50—Beware of the secret agenda.

28:50—A series of questions to ask about your marriage…from “your older brother.”

34:20—Maybe you’re not seeing a counselor, so what?

35:21—Emerson’s final challenge.

36:20—Special announcement from Jonathan and Emerson.

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