Episode 039 – Tuesday Night is Coming Part 2 – A Good Woman’s View of Sex

Episode 039 - A Good Woman's View of Sex - Tuesday Night Is Coming Part II

As a sequel to a very popular podcast, “Tuesday Night Is Coming,” Emerson and Jonathan discuss a powerful and insightful email from a woman who details the way many wives feel about sex in relationship to their husband. Both husbands and wives will appreciate this episode.


01:22 – A quick review of last week’s podcast.

05:08 – Special announcements!

08: 22 – Letter from a listener: “For two years, I thought I was never allowed to say no.”

09:27 – She’s initiating, but his response is cold, so what is going on?

11:10 – Nothing you do is wasted.

12:59 – Letter continued: “Neither of us is wrong.”

13:15 – Avoid judgment. He’s not wrong for saying yes, and she’s not wrong for saying no.

14:17 – Letter continued: “My husband lost my heart.”

15:35 – Husbands, hear this podcast as a challenge for you.

16:04 – Don’t listen to Hollywood—these are the real things that turn on your wife.

18:34 – The silent treatment alternative.

21:03 – If you can approach this differently, she will be responsive to you.

22:22 – The fine line between using sexual and non-sexual words.

25:19 – Letter continued: “Honoring one another no matter what…seems so simple, but it’s the hardest thing to do.”

26:21 – Your approach matters!

27:48 – For men, it’s not about the lovey-dovey stuff, it’s about the respect language.

28:24 – The power of being open, vulnerable, and coaching each other.

29:57 – The way to reach the heart of your wife sexually is by doing non-sexual things.

31:14 – The Relationship Challenge One-Liner.

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