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Episode 040 – Three Ways To Murder Your Marriage Part 1

Episode 040 - Three Ways To Murder Your Marriage Part 1

In Part 1 of this 2-part podcast series, Emerson and Jonathan begin discussing why some people leave their marriage. With motive, means and opportunity, there are many ways to sabotage a marriage and get it to end, but what are the biblical reasons for separation and divorce? Listen in to find out.  


01:44—New and noteworthy announcements: we’re in the Top 100 in our category, rave reviews (not just from Emerson), and new digital products in the store!

06:12 – Emerson reviews last week’s episode, which is a sequel to this popular post.

09:13 – The inspiration for today’s podcast title and Death In Paradise.

13:50 – Who is the target audience for this podcast?

16:12 – How does someone get away with murdering their marriage?

18:36 – The motive, the means and the opportunity.

19:40 – History of how the church has handled the issue of divorce and the grace-approach.

24:19 – The script that people will use to prove their innocence in the matter.

26:15 – Adultery and desertion.

27:50 – Forgiveness and reconciliation.

31:20 – The discipline of the Lord has a place—will you respond?

32:35 – Emerson’s Relationship Challenge.

33:30 – Preview of Part 2 of this podcast.

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