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Episode 043 – Wounded Healer

Episode 043 - Wounded Healer

In this week’s episode, Emerson speaks at Liberty University with a message titled, “Wounded Healer.”  He shares his personal story in order to help others understand how God can use past wounds to bring about healing.


01:32 – Did you miss last week’s podcast? Listen HERE.

03:08 – Emerson shares his personal story of growing up in a broken home.

08:23 – When Emerson learned that God was Abba Father and responded.  

09:10 – What difference does it make if Christ is there?

10:20 – The day Emerson’s mother met the Lord at 53 years old.

12:52 – The difference between a Judas and a Peter.

14:06 – Emerson shares about his struggle with the idea of God’s love.

17:53 – Is this truth or a fairytale?

18:45 – If you were the only one…

19:54 – “By his wounds, we are healed.”

21:01 – It is not un-Christlike to ask, “Why?”

22:51 – The wounds you have experienced have a purpose.

25:07 – The external evil that came to you cannot defile your inner person.

27:45 – The incongruity of love and suffering.

30:42 – Emerson’s prayer for the wounded.

32:34 – Emerson’s challenge for the wounded healer.

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