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Episode 044 – My Situation Is Complex, Beyond Love & Respect!

Episode 044 - My Situation Is Complex, Beyond Love & Respect!

Emerson is often told that the Love and Respect principles are too simple for a particularly complex situation, and so therefore they don’t apply. In this week’s episode, he responds by discussing various difficult or complex situations and making the case that love and respect are like food and water to any given situation–they are necessary, but specific interventions, resources, etc. must be brought to the uniqueness of each situation. 


01:01–Emerson and Sarah have never experienced this kind of whirlwind.

01:55 – Letter from a listener about Episode 042: “I was in a serious car accident and on life-support, but…I’m reminded how great our God is.”

04:49 – The critics of Love and Respect say this message is too simple.

06:06 – Emerson addresses the complex and extreme situations you might be facing.

07:29 – The Bible acknowledges and addresses difficult times.

10:42 – Your experience is unique, but it’s not uncommon.

14:02 – Love and Respect are like food and water to all relationships.

18:07 – Dealing with evil without becoming contemptuous and hateful.

24:39 – This is the choice you get to make.

25:31 – Love and respect do not provide a license to sin.

27:30 – The final answer and your ultimate goal.

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