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Episode 046 – What Is The Issue With a Grumpy Husband?

Emerson and Jonathan begin a discussion about grumpiness and husbands. However, looking at the issue from both perspectives, Emerson challenges husbands and wives on an issue that is present in many homes. Renew your hope and be encouraged in that we do not need to stay where we are; we can make changes.  


01:29 – Your iTunes reviews and a special announcement about the Love and Respect Website.

02:30 – Emerson is writing a new book for moms and sons.

03:35 – Why are Emerson and Jonathan talking about this today?

05:21 – Is this only for old men?

07:34 – The irritable scowl syndrome.

08:15 – There are three basic reasons why men are grumpy.

10:12 – Emerson defines grumpiness.

12:58 – Do ALL things without grumbling? Yes.

13:00 – It may or may not be more common than you think.

14:40 – A grumbler is not a leader in the home.

17:02 – Everybody is not out to get you, so what is really going on?

20:33 – The perception of injustice and feelings of unfairness.

22:15 – Research points out that we are in favor of ourselves, but not our spouse.

23:45 – Jonathan addresses how and why to recognize truth and create ambivalence.

28:50 – A word to the man who cares about changing.

30:45 – Emerson shares a word of encouragement and challenge for grumpy husbands.

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