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Episode 052 – When Parenting: The Punishment Must Fit The Crime – Part 1

Episode 052 - When Parenting: The Punishment Must Fit The Crime Part 1

When disciplining our kids, we can learn something from the court system. The punishment must fit the crime. In Part 1 of a two-part series, Emerson and Jonathan look at how society handles punishment and how parents can use similar ideas in approaching and dealing with their children–not to punish or be punitive in parenting, but to correct in love.


02:06 – How did this topic pop into Emerson’s head?

04:40 – Infraction, misdemeanor, and felony.

06:04 – Motivation and intent of the crime.

09:16 – Social rules vs. moral law.

12:23 – The four quadrants of evaluating your child’s behavior.

13:26 – Your child is unintentionally annoying because he is socially thoughtless.

15:46 – The importance of remembering goodwill.

19:52 – Your child is intentionally annoying because she is being rude.

23:10 – Discipline without resentment.

25:20 – Are you overreacting?

26:22 – Are you underreacting?

27:26 – How can you know if your punishments fit the crime?

28:26 – Determining the intention of your child.

29:01 – Emerson and Jonathan look forward to Part 2.


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