FAH #6: Are You Willing to Make a Change?

Our “willingness” to change is such a catch 22. On one hand, we say we’re willing to start working out, but when it comes down to it, we usually end up in the same behavior patterns that kept us from working out to begin with. It’s why we rarely ever hold to New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, this same principle holds true in relationships. We might say we’re willing to make a change. We may even know what we need to do to make the change. But fame doesn’t chase those who stop at knowing what to do; fame chases those who act and are willing to enter their loved ones’ stories.

In this episode, Josh and Christi walk through Chapter 6 in their new book, Famous at Home. They talk about the impact of being willing to do 4 things to help us get unstuck in our closest relationships. The question you’re left with is: Are you willing?

Show Notes:

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