Jesus and the Spirit

When sharing the Christian faith with others that don’t believe, sometimes there are people who want to believe, but are just too overwhelmed by it. They see the beauty of what the Christian life is supposed to be, and they say, “I could never do it. It’s just beyond me.” 

This is the kind of situation that Jesus addresses in today’s passage from John 16.  Jesus speaks to his disciples the night before he dies, right before he leaves them. In his last words to them, he maps out the kind of life he wants them to live and they are presumably overwhelmed. It’s not something that they have to do alone though. Jesus says that he will send a counselor, which is the Holy Spirit. We’re going to look at four things in regard to this counselor: the power, the goal, the method, and the results.

This sermon was preached by Dr. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on April 19, 1998. Series: The Fruit of the Spirit – The Character of Christ. Scripture: John 16:7-16.

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