Purpose: How to Live On Purpose, Not By Accident, As a Family

There is a hard truth we all have to come to grips with: If you don’t get intentional about the direction of your family, the culture will decide it for you. A culture that values individual achievement at the expense of the family unit results in families who are exhausted, fragmented, and directionless. But what if each individual’s purpose in life was meant to be discovered, not outside the home, but within it? And what could this look like for your family?

In this episode, we continue the Words That Matter for Your Family series, by talking about the word “purpose” and how your family can live on purpose, not by accident.

We talk about:
• The one question that matters more than any other to determine if you’re really living on purpose
• How our values lead to our purpose
• Specific ways we (the Straub’s) live on purpose in our family
• How to cultivate your heart, make your inner circle smaller, and become more “weird”

Show Notes:

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