RAR #218: Jolabokaflod: How to Have a Christmas Book Flood

What if I told you that there’s an Icelandic Christmas tradition where you spend an entire day (or evening) reading books and sipping hot cocoa? And it’s what you’re SUPPOSED to be doing.

Yes, this is a real thing!

It’s called Jolabokaflod, and in this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • Where the tradition came from
  • 3 super-simple steps to your own Jolabokaflod
  • How other mamas just like you have made the tradition their own

During Jolabokaflod, you gift members of your family with new books, and everyone drinks hot cocoa and spends the whole of Christmas Eve reading. If I didn’t get your attention before, I’ve got it now.

Today, I’m talking about when and how this tradition started, and how your family can make Jolabokaflod part of your Christmas traditions.

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