Teachable: How to Cultivate a Teachable Spirit in Your Home

Isn’t it wild how we, as humans, are drawn to prioritizing a growth mindset…well, that is, until someone (a spouse, child, coworker, or friend) delivers us some unwelcome constructive criticism. Can we be teachable when it’s tempting to be offendable? How we respond as adults may very well be what we cultivate with our kids.

As we continue the Words That Matter for Your Family series, this week we talk about the word “teachable” and why it matters for your family.

We talk about:

  • The interconnectedness of teachability and calm
  • How and why saying sorry to your kids is the gift that keeps on giving
  • How to let go of self protection when your spouse points out a flaw
  • Being curious about what you don’t want to learn and processing it in prayer

Show Notes:

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