The Dream of the Kingdom

We’re going to consider the question, “What does it mean to live the Christian life? How can we live it out?” The book of Daniel is a helpful place to go because it’s exilic literature, meaning it tells the stories of the Israelites when in exile. They were taken away from Israel and into a city that was hostile to God. As believers, we’re like Daniel in exile, asking ourselves, “How in the world can we live a life of integrity in a pluralistic, polytheistic, unbelieving world?” 

There are three questions to ask ourselves: what’s the meaning of Daniel’s two names, what’s the meaning of this weird dream, and thirdly, what is the rock that strikes the statue? We’re going to learn three practical principles for living a believing life in an unbelieving world. 

This sermon was preached by Dr. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on April 30, 2000. Series: Daniel: Living by Faith in a Secular World. Scripture: Daniel 2:24-35, 44-46.

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