The Final Hour

Today’s passage comes from the Passion narrative found in the book of Matthew. Matthew is not just a reporter; he’s a teacher. He doesn’t just tell us that Jesus died, but he always builds the narratives around certain statements and sayings that interpret why Jesus died. It’s very typical today for people to say, “Well, the cross might mean something for you. You interpret it your way. I interpret it my way.” But the gospel writers don’t leave that as an option; they are very clear to let Jesus interpret the events that are happening. 

In the last moment of Jesus’ life, there are three cries in the dark, and each tells us something about the meaning of the cross (vv.46, 50, 54). The first cry solves our modern dilemma; the second solves a human dilemma;  and the third solves a personal dilemma.

This sermon was preached by Rev. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on April 16, 2000. Series “St. Matthew’s Passion; The World’s Last Night”. Scripture: Matthew 27:45-56.

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