The Holy Spirit

Today’s sermon on the Holy Spirit comes from a larger series on the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. When it comes to the Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit —without a doubt, the Holy Spirit is the most mysterious of the three. It’s the one person we know the least about. 

There’s no better place in the Bible to learn about the Holy Spirit than John 14–17. This is Jesus’ Upper Room Discourse which takes place the night before he’s going to die. 
When you know you’re speaking to people you love and you’ll never speak to them again, you don’t talk about the weather, but you go to the subjects you think are the most crucial for them. It’s intriguing that some of Jesus’ last words to his disciples are filled with teaching about the Holy Spirit, which shows how important it is. Let’s look more closely at Jesus’ Discourse under three headings: who the Spirit is, what the Spirit does, and how to receive what the Spirit gives.

This sermon was preached by Rev. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on November 8, 2015. Series “What We Believe: Foundations”. Scripture: John 14:15-26.

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