“A Vision For Culture-Making” a podcast by Dr Tim Keller

What happens when you take the gospel out of the church into the world of work? Do we work to live, or live to work? Is there any ancient wisdom to be found in the Bible as to how to approach work in a modern world? In this podcast, Dr Tim Keller will explore how…

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Using Kindness To Open Doors In the Culture

Regardless of what is happening around us, we should show kindness. How can we better love God and better love others? Biola University President Dr. Barry Corey sheds light on the Bible’s definition of kindness and describes how Christians can more effectively practice kindness in their daily lives. Kindness is one of the fruits of…

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Finding God Through Art by Makoto Fujimura

Through using the Japanese Kintsugi technique, artist Makoto Fujimura creates artworks that have brought healing, hope and restoration to those who have spent the time observing the many layers of his paintings. Referred to by N.T Wright as the “accidental theologian,” Fujimura shares how he came to create beauty through art by understanding and accepting…

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