What Happens When You Are All In

Is following God everything you thought it would be? Do you feel like you’re making a difference in the world and experiencing the Holy Spirit’s power at work in you and through you? Or are you secretly holding back? These are important questions to ask ourselves in order to stay focused and give Jesus our all. In this episode of the Christine Caine Equip and Empower podcast, Christine will empower you to dig deeper, believe more boldly, and experience the astonishing transformation that results from living all in for Jesus.
Start digging the wells
In Genesis 26, God commands Isaac to remain in the land of his father, Abraham, and dig for water. Christine Caine draws on this story to ask whether we are letting God to dig up the wells of our heart so we can be filled afresh with living water and minister to a broken and parched world?
Christine points to the unglamourous and difficult nature of living the Christian life which is not the Instagram worthy life. Why is it that people don’t want to pick up a shovel and dig and get our hands dirty? She says that Jesus is looking for a generation that is willing to live humbly and sacrificially. She exhorts her listeners to put the mission before celebrity and seek the hidden life.
“Start digging in anonymity, start digging in obscurity, start digging the wells for the generation to come after them.”
Confronting the Fear of Missing Out
Christine says that a lot of Christians have fallen into the trap of FOMO, and this fear of missing out holds them back from fulfilling the call on their lives. Christine encourages listeners to know that following Christ is the only true path to life and they should not fall into the trap of thinking there are better opportunities.
“There is nothing better than fulfilling the purpose of God in our generation.”
Christine refers to Ephesians 2 that we are God’s workmanship and have been recreated in Christ Jesus to do good works which God has prepared for in advance for us to do. We are invited to be co-laborers in the Harvest field and there is nothing that comes close to what God has called us to. Christine warns that we may not fulfill our God-given destiny on this earth because of FOMO. She observes,
“Our fear of missing out on this earth makes us not pursue the things in the life to come.”
Christine challenges her listeners to cultivate an eternal mindset and instead have a fear of missing out on the eternal rewards so they can remain focussed on God’s plans for the earth.
Overcome commitment phobia
Christine warns of the fear of commitment becoming another roadblock to Christians living the life they are called to live in Christ. Jesus teaches followers to deny themselves and take up their cross. Not wanting to commit is very inconvenient for the Christian life as God requires all of our lives. Christine exhorts her listeners,
“Christianity isn’t this sort of optional life where you can put half in and keep half out for yourself- it’s an ‘all in life!’”
This is not a “Sunday service” Christianity, but requires commitment every day of the week- a 24/7 lifestyle. Christine says that we have grown up with a consumer mindset with apps for everything and we can become tempted to become commitment phobic, keeping our options open in case a better offer comes along.
Christine shares her journey of volunteering 32 years ago at the local youth center to leading a global anti-trafficking organization- A21. She tells her listeners,
“You won’t start stepping into your purpose until you start picking up a shovel where you are, start serving where you are.”
Christine warns believers to not see Christianity as a spectator sport, becoming distracted by scrolling through everyone’s life online instead of doing what you can, where God has placed you, even if it seems to be humble circumstances. Following Jesus requires a personal cost on our part as Christine points out,
“There is no precedent in church history where it doesn’t cost us to have skin in the game.”
All of our lives need to live for Jesus, including our relationships, our social life, our economic life, our pursuits and our aspirations. There is not one part of our life that is not impacted by stepping into our purpose and calling.
Cultivating patience
Our world favours the short-term, whether that’s in politics, in business or in our “Uber” approach to obtaining goods and services. Our generation has been culturally conditioned to be impatient, or as Christine puts it,
“We have been trained to think instant now.”
But the Bible exhorts believers to have patient endurance in the midst of a hostile world. Christine points to Hebrews 6:12 that encourages believers to imitate those who through patience will inherit the eternal promises. Right now, Christine says that our impatience is thwarting many believers into stepping into their purpose. We need to raise a generation that has the capacity to tolerate delay and offer peace and purpose to a lost and broken world.
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About Christine Caine
Christine has a heart for reaching the lost, strengthening leadership, and championing the cause of justice. Together with her husband, Nick, she founded the anti-human trafficking organization, The A21 Campaign – a recipient of the Mother Theresa Memorial Award for their work combating human trafficking among refugees. They also founded Propel Women, an organization designed to celebrate every woman’s passion, purpose, and potential.