Finding God Through Art by Makoto Fujimura

Through using the Japanese Kintsugi technique, artist Makoto Fujimura creates artworks that have brought healing, hope and restoration to those who have spent the time observing the many layers of his paintings. Referred to by N.T Wright as the “accidental theologian,” Fujimura shares how he came to create beauty through art by understanding and accepting…

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Facing Your Shadow by Pete Scazzero

As many of us are realising, a global pandemic can do wonders for bringing the flesh to the surface. Whether it’s a tendency to get anxious, blame or an unhealthy addiction, our shadow side or as the Bible calls, “the old self” can start to cause deep damage to ourselves and the people around us….

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Minimalism, Spirituality and Why it Matters by Joshua Becker

It’s a simple message. There is more joy to be found in owning less than we can ever find in pursuing more. Unfortunately since the day we have been born we have been told the exact opposite. Many people in the West find themselves in this rut of earning, spending and getting into debt. Joshua…

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